Hookin’, or Daughters of Jerusalem

Hookin at Dixon Place

Dixon Place Workshop Presentation

New York, NY; March 2017 

Written by Harron Atkins

Directed by Marilyn McCormick & Harron Atkins

I provided new play development and rehearsal support for this beautifully poetic play by my dear friend and CMU classmate, Harron!

The lives of six sex workers living in a cramped Brooklyn apartment are flipped upside down when one of them brings home a new born baby who has been left for dead in a trashcan. The arrival of this innocent life sends the women free falling into their pasts, forcing them to relive their memories of girlhood, real life, real loss, the struggles and triumphs that brought them here, and the love (for better or worse) at the center of it all.

Produced by BMA Entertainment and Arts

Stage Managed by Patrick Harnett-Marshall

Costume Design by Jamie Gross

Lighting Design by Jackson Gallagher

Cast: Kirsten Benjamin, Angela Birchett, Paige Gilbert, Andrea Patterson, Cat Peoples, and Cara Ronzetti.

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