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New Ohio Theatre’s Ice Factory Festival 

New York, NY; June 2016

Icons/Idols is a choral play born out of a New Georges Jam collaboration between writer Helen Banner and director Colette Robert, with composer Grace Oberhofer rounding out the creative trio. An ensemble of 13 women serenade us through Empress Irene’s rise from orphan girl to dowager ruler at the height of Byzantine iconoclasm. Irene, an iconophile, must decide whether praying with icons is worth risking power, love, and even life itself. Full of historical intrigue, court politics, religious debate, and battles of the sexes, Icons/Idols is a rich beginning to the Byzantine Choral Project’s cycle of works on the Byzantine Purple Empresses.

As the Associate Producer, I represented lead producer Eric Marlin at rehearsals and load-in while he was out of town. I was on hand to facilitate team communications and lead production meetings, fill in for production management duties, and to address any concerns that arose.

Produced by the Byzantine Choral Project
Book and Lyrics by Helen Banner
Composed by Grace Oberhofer
Directed by Colette Robert
Choreographed by Erik Thurmond

IconsIdols_PC Eliot Olson

Photo by Eliot Olson


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